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      TBD Apparels (The Black Diaspora) was started as a side project in an effort to express the African existence in this world. I have for decades, been bombarded with the ideas that I came from nothing. I was told I had no history, made no contribution to the world and that my beginning commenced at slavery; the most grave of holocausts and yet we survived in spite of the relentless and devastating attacks. In my earlier years I questioned this thought, rejected it even though being taught by Black educators.

      I soon realized the information favored those who constructed the education system I now was traversing. Africans are the beginning and we will be at the end, if there is an end. I have been converted from an African to a mutant who for most of my life saw those things which I am as weird. Why were African things weird to an African? I therefore sought to inundate myself with things African, transforming my taste no matter how strange it seems for I am an African. It was with this in mind why I established this apparel line to include awareness while wearing a piece of apparel, to promote and enhance the progress of African cultural immersion for my people. We Africans have a philosophical term for this returning to self…..”Sankofa”, which means “to return”.

       It is our passion to draw inspiration from things African and present them on the canvas of the apparel.